Apparently, more than 15 million adult Americans suffer from depression each year. Furthermore, clinical depression specialists predict that depression is likely to become the second most common health problem by 2020. This life-altering disorder can strike anyone at any given time, perhaps from such problems as a traumatic life event, chemical imbalance, PTSD, Postpartum, self-harm, sadness, mental health, MDD, schizophrenia, loneliness or Agoraphobia.

Depression comes with a slew of signs and symptoms, including prolonged sadness, low self-esteem, hopelessness, anxiety, restlessness and frustration. Victims of depression often lack the energy to handle the tasks that once made them happy and jovial.

While medical experts endorse professional medical help to address the detrimental impacts of depression, we harbor the philosophy that a support group does miracles in helping you start your journey from the dark clouds and into the bright ones. Depression victims need to seek a support network, and Relieved is an online depression support app that gives you space to grieve.

Welcome to Relieved and Anxiety Support Online App

Relieved is a app dedicated to depression and anxiety peer support. Our primary objective revolves around connecting people that have problems concerning anxiety and depression. Also, we warmly welcome individuals who have health issues relating to depression and anxiety, such as eating disorders, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and much more.

Relieved provides free services to any and all individuals affected by mental issues. Our online depression support app helps you find the necessary resources to connect with understanding people who can give you the support you need to relief you of distress.

We are your safe place, where you can seek and find resources, help and comfort. It is a place where you can find friends in the same situation as yours, and they all understand whatever you are feeling. Our depression support comprises live depression chat rooms, blogs, forums and community.

We Respect Your Privacy

Relieved respects your privacy, and we let you get online support in your private room. We have a bridging technology that connects you one-on-one to an online chat, so you remain completely safe. Our friendly technology lets you to your room, so you can settle down and learn how you can feel better. It is a confidential chat.

Connect and Chat With Strangers

Relieved also allows you to learn and grow with the community. You can talk with supportive friends in group support rooms and engage in guided discussions. Usually, these are supportive people who have overcome similar challenges.

Stay Emotionally Fit and Grow With Us

Make emotional wellness a routine by following your growth path. We let you meet with caring people, who will guide you through simple activities that allow you to relax on your own. At Relieved, we aim at making you relax on a regular basis and give you more control over your well-being. Join us now and become a part of this supportive community.